Quality Policy

Quality Policy

“Iran Khodro Casting Industries (IKCI Co.)” set its Quality Policy in a way that can reach international markets, have access to the national and international standard bound Quality and Services; gain the utmost satisfaction create value for Customers and ultimately materialize the policies of the interested parties.

We believe that Iran Khodro Casting Industries:

  • Wish nothing but the bests for their stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, society, etc.) so, based on this; we are trying to create maximum value through constant progress.
  • activities and products should be line the regulations, rules, standards and quality systems.
  • Should Produce and sale its good in global markets with innovative and have active participation of staff and the development of human capital through increased knowledge, motivation and employee satisfaction in order to improve quality and continuous training for human resources.
  • Reduce waste and improve production efficiency, product flexibility for timely delivery with an approach to reduce the waste and the stoppage (loyalty to customer).
  • Try to prevent environmental pollution by choosing appropriate and economic and scientific cost-effective solutions
  • Try to apply the methods to optimize the conception, standardization and continuous improvement in energy management.
  • Develop procedural thinking of quality culture in partnership with staff to establish total quality management system.

In order to determine the quality policy framework, all processes that affect product quality, should be identified and under the control of quality management systems based on IATF 16949:2016 designed and implemented effective methods.

Corporation senior management tries to maintain quality level and system development by write; edition and get the best fit Quality Polices and makes sure the effective implementation of mentioned system in Organization. He selects one of worthy Expert as a deputy in systematic quality management.


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