Iran Khodro Casting Industries Company (IKCI Co.) is one of the subsidiaries of Iran Khodro Investment Development (IKIDO). Besides, this company has been established as a private joint stock company in order to supply cast iron casting products for Iran Khodro Industrial Group (IKCO), export purposes and domestic industries, on 10 august 2000. additionally, this company has begun production of gray cast iron castings, since 2007. In addition, the main products of IKCI Co. are as follows:
Varied types of cylinder blocksflywheelshousingsbrake drumsCrankshaft and etc.

Products Capacity: Production lines of HWS’s cylinders with nominal capacity of: 15000 Tons/year. Production lines of Hansberg’s safety parts with nominal capacity of: 15000 Tons/year. Production lines of Vagner’s Valeo parts with nominal capacity of: 10000 Tons /year.

Certificates: OHSAS18001:2017 ISO14001:2017 IATF 16949:2016 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 10002:2014 ISO 10004:2012 ISO 50001:2011 ISO 10001:2007 ISO 10003:2007 ISO 10015:1999

Organizational slogan: “We are all ears to listen well. we are all eyes to focus on details well. we are all thirsty of learning. we are all responsible to be accountable. we are all eager to work well. we are all waiting to celebrate our achievements. In one sentence, we (knowledgeable staff and capable company) are thinking about global and national aspirations.”

Prospective: We are making a concerted effort to be the best manufacturer of strategic and safety products of domestic automotive industry and to be one of the casting parts suppliers of global markets.

Mission: Iran Khodro Casting Industries Company (IKCI Co.) makes a concerted attempt to produce varied automotive parts (for selling at domestic and foreign markets), to attract trust and satisfaction of customers, to improve and develop the technology and to perform social responsibilities. additionally, all of those mentioned constructive activities are performed by production technology capacity and capable human resources.


  • Having organizational and personal discipline.
  • Making a concerted endeavor to gain satisfaction of beneficiaries, such as: shareholders, customers, staff, society and etc.
  • Gaining high levels of customers satisfaction.
  • Development of human resources and improvement of staff motivational system.
  • Teamwork and Enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • Improvement of healthy business culture for creating greatest values.
  • Being responsible and having a plan and having a practical commitment to the cost management.