Sands laboratory

Sands laboratory

This laboratory has the ability to test materials for molding and casting metals, muscle and input materials. In the first group, sand gravel measurements, moisture content, soil percentages, strength and sand flowability are possible, which are the basis for the preparation of moss sandblasting materials. In the second group, tests are performed on the preparation of a standard muscle sample and flexural strength of the muscle. In the control part of the input material, the ADV is measured, the titration test, the PH measurement, and so on.

Sandstone laboratory equipment:

  • Moisture meter
  • Sartorius Digital Scale
  • Measuring tensile strength of sand
  • Universal machine measures the shear strength, bending and compression of the sand and muscle
    A mini-cold muscle testing machine, including stirrer and shot and gas injection
  • 5 kg silica sand mixer for mixing sand with resin or bentonite
  • Roughness measurement device
  • Gap strength measurement device
  • Sand blasting machine that
    Heat treatment furnace Electric mixer
    Siphon sand for measuring fine material
    Sartorius sand marking machine
    Methylene blue metering machine
  • Complete sieve series for measuring AFS sand and other materials

Sand tests:

  • Measuring the moisture content of the sand
  • PH measurement
  • Measuring the compressibility of the sand
  • Measuring the Methylene blue intake
  • Measuring AFS sand
    Sieve measurements for input materials including coal powder, bentonite, graphite and …
  • ADV measurement
  • Measuring fine materials
  • Measuring the percentage of active bentonite, volatile matter and combustible materials
  • Measuring tensile strength
  • Measuring tensile strength and dry sand
    Determination of tenacity strength