Dimension Laboratory


Today, the figures obtained from measurements are used for different purposes and more than in the past, so the quality of the figures obtained from measurements directly depends on the measurements taken from measurement systems (accurate instruments). The comparative process of a quantity is between a defined standard and an unknown value. In the era of acceleration in scientific progress, service standards, production, and the expansion of production methods, measurement methods have also expanded and are worthy of attention. Three-dimensional measurement methods are one of them. They are one of the most important measurement methods. Coordinate measuring devices (CMM) for 3D measurement of parts or anything whose dimensions must be measured in 3D with parameters such as parallelism, orthogonality, angle, dimensions, etc. in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, They are widely used in machine building, aerospace, etc.

Measuring services with CMM device

  • Accurate 3D measurement of parts using a CMM measuring device
  • Comparison of original parts with the modeled part (CAD File) by CMM measuring device software
  • Point-to-point scanning of parts through the CMM measuring device
  • Measuring up to a range of 2000mm
  • 0.1 µm resolution

Measuring services with the device

  • 3D measurement with CMM for fixtures, molds and parts
  • Measuring range up to 2400mm diameter
  • 1 µm resolution

Technical specifications of the dimensional measuring device

  • Name of the manufacturer of the device: Stiefen Mayer Stiefelmayer
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Date of construction: 2004
  • Measurement range: 1200*2000*2200
  • Accuracy: 1 micron
  • Resolution: 45 microns
  • Equipped with POWER INSPECT professional software
  • Manual and CNC measurement
  • Can be used as reverse engineering - point cloud