Iran Khodro Casting Industries Co. has been established for production of complicated cast iron parts (gray iron and Nodular Iron) such as Cylinder Block and safety parts (suspension) and started production of casting parts from 2006.

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IranKhodro Casting Industries Production Lines

Hansberg Molding Line

This fully automatic and equipped line is designed and built for the production of car safety parts and has the possibility of producing all kinds of gray cast iron and ductile parts.

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HWS Molding Line

This line is designed and equipped for the production of cylinder block parts and also heavy parts, all the parts production processes in this line are continuous and automatic.

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Wagner Molding Line

This line is fully automatic and all steps of molding, removing the part from the mold and sandblasting are done by automatic machines.

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Furnace Melting Line

Using 4 medium frequency induction furnaces; It is possible to produce 32 tons of cast iron per hour and it is equipped with advanced "Additive System" equipment.

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About IranKhodro Casting Industries

Iran Khodro Casting Company has started its business since 2006 with the aim of producing cast iron parts for Iran Khodro Industrial Group, domestic and export industries. Major components of the company related to automobile parts, including cylinder block parts, safety parts, parts of parts Gray.

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